Plan and prepare
for an Emergency

Emergencies such as bush fires, severe storms and floods can occur at any time.

Understand your risk, plan ahead and be prepared.

Useful Emergency Links

The Patonga Emergency Information Centre

The Patonga Progress Hall will be open for incident information updates (when available), refreshments, company, and sanctuary in the event of an extended incident causing the loss of power or access to/from Patonga after a period of 1 night or as required.

Lighting, and power for charging devices only will be available as will be a gas stove and oven if you need or want to cook. A range of Emergency Living Items such as bedding and cooking equipment are stored at the hall. Welfare visits to some of our less mobile residents will also be carried out to those that have nominated to be visited by one of our community teams.

There will always be a tea brewing and something to nibble on so if safe please drop in.

Hints & Emergency Provisions to keep handy at Home.

Bush Fire Plan & Prepare

For advice call into the Patonga RFS Brigade from 6pm on Tuesday evenings

Prepare your home